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What we do

Climate Smart Agriculture

Developed a suite of Smart Farmer Android Apps to map rural livelihoods to enable farmers to smartly adapt to climate change. App has options to connect with IoT devices and collate big data for AI.

Climate Smart Construction

Developing affordable Smart Green buildings to adapt to climate change impacts with recyclable modern building materials. Smart homes have options to integrate IOT devices and collate big data for AI to adapt and mitigate climate changeimpacts.

Climate Smart

Developed and patented Smart Solar Roofing tiles and Smart Solar Roofing Sheets to produce clean energy in rural areas to pump water for irrigation, drinking, run entreprises and power homes 24X7.

Smart Education

Developed a suite of education apps that use tailored institutional curriculum alongside relevent Opensource content for participative Learning Management System (LMS) Integrated with Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) apps for mobile driven smart class systems in partnership with Universities and Autonomous colleges.

Smart Relief

Developed Community Preparedness Apps for Disaster Management as part of Smart Relief. We strongly believe community preparedness will be key for relief and rapid recovery from disasters before anyone can reach the affected. We have developed Apps for Kerala Floods, Odisha Cyclone, Palu Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami, Tamil Nadu and for Gaja cyclone damage geo photo suruvey. The Apps combine all key information required before, during and after. We also have Damage assessment Apps that were used for recent GAJA cyclone.

Smart Cities

Developed Trichy Smart City Apps with a goal of getting all government services for citizens through digital appplictions without needing to use paper based applications. The next stage is link these apps to Opendata Apis to reduce physical submssions and start work with IoT Devices with the apps for better management.

About Us

Climate Smart Technologies Private Limited is a Startup established in September 2017 as Private limited company to develop clean technologies. Climate Smart Technologies are a host of clean low green house gas emission technologies to facilitate adaptation and mitigation to achieve resilience directly and indirectly against climate change impacts globally in short, medium and long term in across all sectors. We are driven by passion to be of service to make a Smart and Clean Tech difference in billions of people around the World. We are registered as a company incubating at ICRISAT's Agribusiness Incubators in Hyderabad, Telengana, India. The company is founded by Mr. Jeevanandhan Duraisamy, Former Consultant to The World Bank and former Employee of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The startup is guided by the best National and International advisers. We are looking for like minded passionate individuals and investors in our journey to build a wonderful and useful tech company driven by Innovations. Since September 2017 we have made great progress with 300 Android apps developed, 4 patents obtained, 1 patent pending approval, started work on IoT, Smart Farms, Home, Office and Stores. We have signed MoUs with Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai, Holy Cross College (HCC), St Joesph's College, Systech Academy, Bharathidasan University (all in) Trichy, Bharathiar Univeristy in Coimbatore and About Four International and National agencies have shown interest to customize their apps for their projects







Smart Apps Overview


Climate Smart

Startup started its Agriculture App development in June 2017 and company was setup as private limited in September 2017. In 16 months we have made 300 Apps. Thes Apps are Smart Forester, Smart PRA, Smart Farmer App, Smart Coconut, Smart Livestock, Smart Farm Machinery, Smart Labour, Smart Fisher, Smart FPO, EC PoS, Save Indian Breeds, Save Mangroves, The Smart Farmer App, Smart Social Worker, Smart Sugarcane Farmer, Smart Dairy, is the most farmer centered App in the World. Farmers found it to be the most user friendly. Development Agencies have found Smart PRA App the most useful app for participatory projects. January 14, 2018 we started with Smart Coconut App to aggeregate Coconut Farmers in the Worlds largest Coconut Cluster in India and in January 21st we launched Save Indian Breeds. We are now building Commodity Marketing App for TN Govt project and Smart Dariy for MSSRF.

Climate Smart Construction

We have started the construction of Smart Farm, Home, Office and Store project in June 2018. The project is anticipated to disrupt the construction sector particularly in Affordable housing, container homes, Smart Farm, Smart Office, Smart Stores and Cold storage sector. Additionally we have developed about five new designs for patenting are in pipeline.

Climate Smart

Climate Smart Energy has developed Smart Roofing tile and Smart Roofing Sheets for Rural, Urban, SME, Minigird energy proejcts and has applied for one full patent. The solar tiles manufacturing was found to be very simple in China during the CEO's visit in December 2017/ January 2018 due to robust roofing sheets and solar PV manufacturing base. We have struggled to develop even a 3D printed version of the same in India over the last one year. Despite its potential to disrupt the Solar PV industry, Solar irrigation and Roof top industry key investment for Make in India is needed to set up the assembly and later full manufacturing line.




Agri- Inputs business, Commodity Trade Expert with 35 years experience with World Bank, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, SPIC, Mother Dairy etc in India and Africa. Played a lead role in setting up disruptive e-markets (spot commodity exchange) and Project Finance & Rural Development to enhance farm incomes.


Chair & Managing Director at Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource & Technology (CIBART) and Program Director International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) World renowned Bamboo Scientist, Instrumental in setting up 1000's of rural Bamboo Enterprises and played important role globally for Bamboo sector development.

Development Expert, Head of ODA consult, Working at BiRD, In the past Headed the Austrian Development Cooperation in Cape Verde South Caucasus, worked at Dorsch International Austria , Asian Development Bank, DFID, European Union Delegation in Mozambique and h 17 years international work experience.


PhD in Sociology. International Development Projects consulant. Previously worked for Univerisity of Perugia, Govt of Italy, European Union, various bilateral organizations and with international NGOs for projects in various countries in African continent. Training specialist in food sovereignty and food security, has more than 15 years of International experience.


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